The Fertilizing Requirements for Lawn Grass


Lawn grass requires being healthy, green, and lush in order to manifest beauty. In order to make it good looking, it must be taken care of more often. One activity that would ensure the lawn grass grow healthy includes fertilizing. Fertilizing ensures the grass acquires the necessary mineral elements that would retain it’s healthy and green. The grass thrives and multiplies through shedding seeds on the ground as well as sprouting from the underground root structures. The right fertilization would ensure the growth support of the grass all through the life cycle including; germination of the seeds, growth when young and also boosting its health when mature. That enables the availability of the lawn grass all throughout the year. Frequent seed germination ensures replacement of the grass that has aged or the one that has dried off. That also makes the grass to be dense. Due to that reason, the compound fertilizers are suitable for fertilization of the lawn grass since they have the most needed nutrient elements; Phosphorus, Nitrogen, and Potassium.

The most important thing to consider before fertilization of the lawn grass includes; leaving the grass clippings and setting the mower to a higher setting on the lawn. The two factors enable the lawn grass to be very healthy and beautiful. Typically, clipping will enable fertilizing the lawn. On the other hand, mowing at a higher level will effectively control the growth of the weed within the lawn grass. Another technique that can make the lawn healthy is the use of compost tea. That minimizes the need of frequent fertilization and also helps the grass to have a string turf. The following are some of the function of nutrient elements that ensure the grass remains healthy and green. Look up Louisvilole Fertilization options online to know more.

Nitrogen is vital to the growth of the lawn grass. The nitrogen is useful in the increase of foliage and that makes the grass remain green always. The excess amount of nitrogen is not suitable since it makes the grass grow faster making it prone to diseases and making the roots tender.

The other one is phosphorus and this element helps the grass seeds to germinate and that enable a new establishment of the grass. Phosphorus also strengthens the roots and that enables the grass to consume the nutrients effectively. The other one is the potassium and this element assists the grass against the infections, excessive heat and cold, and also wearing out. These nutrient elements are found in the compound fertilizer, hence, they are the best to apply. The foliar feed is the best one that is absorbed directly through the foliage. Check out Louisville Lawn Services online now to get started.

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